Media Training and Consulting

How you interact with the media can make or break your business. You’ve seen what happens when leaders don’t take media seriously. Their missteps with social media, or during live or recorded interviews can do untold damage to their company’s brand reputation.

This studio is clean, empty, harmless. But when the lights and mics turn on…

Kellye Media can train you how to deal with the media, or how to communicate more effectively with any audience, no matter how tough the crowd. Whether you need help with elocution, speech writing, guidance on how to dress for specific public speaking or work situations, or you need English language support, with coaching you can:

  • Present the information and image you want to attract advertisers, senior-level executive attention/sponsorship, or any stakeholder
  • Understand your interviewer’s mindset and respond appropriately
  • Maintain control during a hostile interview or interaction
  • Create and consistently deliver a positive message or narrative
  • Handle and embrace controversy
  • Listen and respond to tough questions without defensiveness

When you’re in the hot seat, we can train you to perform like a seasoned media professional.