Running a successful business requires a bit of performance art. Or, as the marketing world likes to call it, branding. Storytelling – using content development strategy to create a memorable, relatable narrative – is a key but often underrated part of effective personal and professional branding. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about your image, and you can use a digital content marketing strategy to drive that.

content marketing

I’m Kellye Whitney, founder and chief creative officer for Kellye Media. I offer two related services that can help you build your business: media consulting and content development.

I can help you develop a compelling, SEO-friendly content development strategy that will attract and engage your followers, customers and partners, and promote your brand and business.

I can advise you on how best to capture media attention, and train you on effective media tactics so that you can perform with style and authentic flare on a global stage. I can teach you how to command a room in person and online, and how to use the media to engage whoever is your target audience.

Whether you’re speaking with reporters during a formal interview, moderating a panel at a conference, or curating content for your followers on Instagram, I can help you communicate more effectively and with lasting impact.

As a business leader you should know how to:

  • Brand yourself without overtly selling
  • Understand your interviewer’s mindset
  • Maintain control during a hostile interview or interaction
  • Create and deliver a positive message or narrative
  • Handle and embrace controversy
  • Listen and respond to tough questions without defensiveness

content is kingContent is my first love. Not only because I love to write, but because it has power: to communicate, to compel people to act or to behave differently, to make or break a business. With the right content, the possibilities are endless – if you can deliver the right message via the right system to the right people at the right time. 

Digital influencers, social media stars and ordinary Joes have built million dollar businesses by picking the right media platform, and going all in with a consistent, engaging, and visually compelling content development strategy.

I love it, and not only can I create original content for you on a variety of platforms, I can develop a digital content marketing strategy to help you engage and attract the right people to actively support and generate revenue for your business.


  • Ghostwrite for executives who want to establish themselves as global thought leaders, but don’t have time to write for themselves
  • Create compelling branded copy for digital projects including web sites, blogs, e-books and social media as well as print products
  • Write speeches for leaders giving presentations, accepting awards, and more
  • Blog for professionals and companies who want to publish engaging content regularly to maintain their current followers and attract new ones
  • Produce video content, write scripts, select visuals, advise on staging and costume design



Your digital presence – and the content you use to support it – is an extremely valuable branding and business development tool. For instance, are you thinking of publishing a book? I have nine books for sale in the Amazon Kindle store, and if you want to write a book or produce another type of content-based digital product I can guide you through that process from concept to completion.

Self-publishing is an increasingly popular and effective alternative for aspiring authors who have no patience for the traditional publishing track. I can help you with:

  • Story development
  • Editing
  • Cover design
  • Web site set up
  • Digital content marketing strategy

These are just a few ways I can help you use content to win in today’s media landscape and grow your business.

Let’s talk about how we can build your content development strategy.