Bev Kaye

Beverly KayeKellye was very helpful to me in improving my LinkedIn profile. I was going through a transition with my organization, and she asked me some great questions about what I was moving into. She forced me to really think about the new organization I was creating. She educated me about social media in general and what I needed to know and do to use it to support my business as a consultant, coach and speaker.

She gave me some really good assignments, and she could see the forest for the trees and tell me what was important, what was less important and where I needed to spend my time. Kellye was very hands on and actually wrote some pieces for me.

She was also willing to go the extra mile and come back and say, “Hey, Bev. I haven’t heard from you,” and her patience was amazing. She really knows her way around social media platforms. I didn’t, but she never made me feel stupid or less than. Kellye knows what good digital content looks like and was willing to share all her learnings with me. She made my transition much easier.

– Bev Kaye, author, keynote speaker and coach, Bev Kaye & Co.