Patti LaBelle, Diamonds and Spinach – It’s Not What You Think

Actually, now that I look at that title, I don’t know what you might think about that interesting pairing LOL, but it’s not as weird as it sounds. Jill Scott released a little video on the ‘Gram yesterday, and I want to comment on it because it’s light and heartwarming and positive.

I’ve been a little tired this week, and today, looking out the window at this bright, wonderful sun after the rain, I just cannot bear to talk about how Google is cutting back on it’s diversity and inclusion programs. Or, how Kenny Walker, boyfriend to slain Louisville, KY EMT Breonna Taylor is in jail for trying to defend his woman from police when they entered their apartment after midnight on March 13th. Or that Taylor was killed at all…

I just can’t. Not today.

I can, however, smile over Scott’s memories of her first legendary meeting with Ms. Patti LaBelle, and the gratitude and appreciation it generated. These are things we need more of from our elders and juniors, and vice versa. I’ll just leave it here for you to enjoy. It’s short.

Picture the diamonds… Talk about aspirational/encouragement. Lawd have mercy on all our souls! Have a safe, healthy and peaceful weekend, friends.

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