The Lesson for Today: Do Not Tell Company Secrets on a Date

When I first learned the story of Jordon Trishton Walker — presumably former Director of Research Development and Strategic Operations at Pfizer — I thought it was fake. One part of me is still clinging hopefully to the idea that it’s all a hoax.

Because if not? This one hapless fool, running his mouth trying to impress a stranger on a date, just fired the shot heard round the world.

On video, Walker told an undercover journalist working for Project Veritas that global drug manufacturer Pfizer is actively and deliberately mutating the COVID-19 virus to create new variants for the express purpose of creating vaccines to make money.


Even if as Walker says later in the video, he was just lying to impress someone on a date, you’re fired for being indiscreet. This is a huge problem. It’s such a huge problem, the major news outlets aren’t even covering it yet.

Presumably, they’re trying to figure out what to do. How far can they go before big dog Pfizer with a war chest in the billions, comes after them? Advertising, reputation management, slander, global public safety, pitiful, lonely singles behaving badly, how to resuscitate a brand that takes a kill shot in the news, there are endless story opportunities here. Yet, when I searched earlier today, only a few fringe publications even made mention of this — and it happened like two days ago.

In fact, when I searched Walker’s name on my phone, I saw a message pop up on Google telling me “it looks like the results below are changing quickly.” Um, since when does Google qualify search results?

But the lesson for today is: Guard your image. No matter how lonely you may be, how much fun you may be having, whether you’re joking, or exaggerating a narrative to stretch out a joke, do not — under point of death — talk ish about your employer in public. Anything you say, can and will be captured on video and used against you.

And please, for the love of all that’s dignified and right, don’t be flip and careless — and frankly, extremely callous — about a company, your employer, willfully and deliberately making plans to gamble — to quite literally play — with millions, potentially billions — of people’s lives for profit.

If this is real? The damage that Walker has done? Well, at the risk of writing/sounding crass, I have two words for you: Jeffrey Epstein.

Clarification: Jan. 28, 2023

My friend: You know people are going to think you’re serious, right?

Me: Girl, please! They know I’m being sarcastic. I never blog about conspiracy theory, undercover pop out nonsense.

Her: But not everyone has been reading your work long enough to know that.

Me: True…but the video looks so ridiculous.

Her: People can’t even see the clowning the clown was doing. YouTube already yanked it.

Me: I figured they would. But the Project Veritas link later on in the blog has the same video, and my point wasn’t about the vaccines, it’s about indiscriminately running your mouth in the digital age, and…

Her: I know that, but others may not get the point.

Me: For real?? You can’t tell…?

Her: Nah.

Me: Man. I must be losing my touch.

Her: Nah!

Me: Yeah. sigh. I gotta sharpen my knife!

So, yeah, folks. This blog was 97% tongue firmly in cheek, and 3% what if? But the lesson remains: Do not run your mouth indiscriminately. Loose lips sink ships, and you may be on it, at sea, when it goes down. Guard your image.

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